Cwm Darran Valley Walk, Saturday 11th October

 Met at Cwm Darran car park 10 15 am, we did not park in the car park i refused to pay £3 to park the car. Jamie, Andrew and myself parked in the village of Deri. We walked on to the Cwm Darran trail towards the lower car park walked up a steep incline past the farm through the ancient wood.


To the top of the Cefn Brithdir. The weather was good, colder than normal but it was dry, path was boggy in places. Past the Roman stone of Tegernacus, it is a replica stone the real one is in Cardiff Museum, strange why it is in the museum it should be where it belongs on top of Cefn Brtihdir.  It reminded me of a line a in Dylan song “Infinity goes up on trial”

Photo1099Walked towards Groesfaen  shades of green and rustic brown


making our way across the River Darran and to the south side of Gelligaer Common.

Photo1119This is my barefoot meadow i come here to meditate. We witnessed a double rainbow, the view of the village of Deri in the distance beyond this view and on a clear day you can see Pen Y Fan.

We noticed storm clouds gathering.

Photo1114Then the heavens opened it rained thunder lightening but we are not fair weather walkers we carried on towards the dam.


Photo1124 Then hail stones came calling and they hurt still we carried on. Jamie and Andrew in the distance hail stones left their mark

Photo1126 We cut the walk short by three miles we were soaked, it was no use, we made our way to the top of Gelligaer Common. We followed the path down to Deri this is what we found.

Photo1131  We walked 7 miles called in the Baileys Arms the wood burner was not lit, we sat soaked through red faced pleasantly tired drinking tea and coffee.

Two teas one coffee came £2 40p Jamie paid.

2 thoughts on “Cwm Darran Valley Walk, Saturday 11th October”

  1. Good to see you walking in the valley and taking such good photo’s.
    But not paying £3 ( a £ each) to stay all day in the security of the Parc car park. And instead parking in the village already filled to the brim with cars is I may say a little naughty. A full days entertainment for 3 people for £3 is extremely good value.
    Hope to see you in the valley again.

    1. It would have cost £9 in fact
      Caerphilly Borough put charges on our parks because they lost our our money that they invested in, in the Country of Iceland. Now it is day center’s for special needs where next?
      Parking our cars, we parked on the outskirts of the village of Deri off the road in a lay by.
      Positive comment are good, sarcasm not good, know your song before you sing. Glad you like the photos

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