Amroth West Wales September 26th to 29th. Heddwch.

 Arrived in Amroth Friday at 3 30 pm in the afternoon the weather was lovely, where we were staying was a lovely cottage with a wood burner, i love the smell of Wood smoke if they bottled it i would wear it. Above the village of Amroth.


The view from the cottage, the photo does not do the view justice or my phone camera needs to be replaced. I found a secret garden attached to the cottage, we sat of an evening surrounded by Japanese honey suckle, sounds of the night owl and a wonderful display of bats.

Walking from Amroth to Wiseman’s Bridge what an image, pure natural light shining on a mill pond sea.


Walked towards Wiseman’s Bridge and i found this sign Heddwch means Peace in Welsh


The weather was so good i swam in the sea twice, I enjoy sea swimming but prefer to skinny dip, skinny dipping  is pure joy to feel the salt water next to your very being I cannot finds words to explain.


I was swimming here at 7 am Monday morning it might look bleak but it was wonderful, the sea was warm, the sun was behind the cloud I saw it, it winked at me as I blew kiss to Rhosilli. On my weekend away I took Virginia Woolf’s book “Jacob Room” what a book a great read. I also took the DVD “12 Years A Slave” by Steve McQueen who i really like. The film was very moving should be shown in schools, any family including British families who had dealings and made money from slavery should hang their heads in shame. I discovered Steve McQueen from the film “The Hunger” film on Bobby Sands, Bobby Sands was a hero of mine. I listened to Steve McQueen on Desert Island Discs the other Sunday what a gentleman very sincere man he knows his stuff too. I took my note pad and pencils I never write with a pen being left handed, pens do not flow well with me I much prefer a pencil. I am in the middle of writing a painful Memoir called “Unloved”

Found this rock formation and colour that caught my eye


Called in Laugharne on the way back to listen to the Curlew he never called.


I wrote this poem called ” Laugharne” couple of years ago


Found this sign as i was walking through.


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