World Peace Day, Sunday 21st September 7 am Gelligaer Common

Waiting for the sun to rise 6 45 am i think on the word trust and its true meaning. I do this i juggle my thoughts i think on peace and trust. I hear sheep bleating then the wild ponies do a dance for me but I am waiting for the sun rise.

Trust and its true meaning.

A firm belief in the reliability, truth or ability of someone or something.


Sun rises everything around glows and is peaceful here. Yet I feel the earths heart break  beneath my feet.

Sun cast its light shines away the dew.


I am not at peace my inner peace as gone and it as been replaced with sadness. We are all capable of breaking someones trust and having our trust broken too. Society today is fickle, words come and go and have no true meaning.

I make my way back and see beauty in nature. Photo0933

Raw untamed dancing to natures tune.

I stand a while and watch the spider with its web. The spider is slightly to the right of the photo .


I think on spiders.

Spiders will continue to weave the webs, people come and go,

the grass will always come back green.

I am here in the moment and i too will grow from my mistakes, sadness and heartbreak.

I will find my inner compass to guide me

because i trust myself to find my inner peace.

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