Saturday 13th September walking the Sugar Loaf



Word of warning if you are going to walk the Sugar Loaf from Abergavenny side, the lane leading to the main car park is very narrow with many bends and blind  spots. Since my childhood I have always liked walking alone, I find I enjoy my own company.  I prefer to be alone. Left Pen Y Fal Welsh for Sugar Loaf car park 8 30 am. Misty, low cloud sun tried its best to shine away the mist and dew but to no avail.


Leaving the car park I took a right up a grassy path.There are many paths to the summit and sheep tracks too and there were no sign posts, yes I took the wrong path and had to go back on myself. This was okay i am doing a reccie and this is what happens, it is trail and error. I decided to do a circular, the path was dry very sand like and steep, I noticed autumn tinge on the ferns.


On to open moorland, the only sound was the swish, swish of my pack pack and my boots crunching their way and my breathing. Surrounded in mist it was comforting not cloying.



The path became steep and all I could see was the path in front of me, yes, I was now a bit concerned there was no sun to guide me, then I heard heavy breathing and it was not me. Yes the lone runner appeared from nowhere I jumped out of my skin. Yes he said I was on the right track for the summit. Glad I was not the only one wearing shorts. I now put on my fleece tog 20 hat, along with a fleece it was very cold. The lone runner in distance.


The path became rocky and bouldered to my left I thought I saw an out line of a castle no it was large rocks. Very dramatic my fertile mind worked overtime there will be a poem from this.


On I walked without a view still I can visit the Sugar Loaf again on a clearer day. When I walk alone I think more clearly and it is good sometimes not to talk, just to be in rhythm with you mind, body and soul. How many people are like me just being in the moment, living in the here and now, happy in their own skin. Though I have experienced many things in my life time I became a sage because I learnt that my experiences were my best teachers. Making my way to the trig point I am careful where I walk it is uneven and rocky. Suddenly the trig point appears it is lime stone.


Trig point is surrounded in bleakness.turning around I can not see anything. I gingerly make my way down, looking back this is what I captured.


The summit enshrouded in cloud, as I descend the Sugar Loaf I see a ditch, an ancient ditch this stretches for two miles from the mountain summit down to the common boundary. I found out later it was thought to be medieval or older.


On my descent I see more walkers and families of walkers too. The walk was good but coming down uncomfortable on my knees. The walk supposed to have taken 3 half hours it took me just over 2 hours. Back to the full car park and the sign.


Walking The Blorenge Mountain Saturday 22nd November 2014

Blorenge, Breacon Beacon National Park pathfinder 1086 (SO 21/31) reference SO 285 109. I started my walk at 10 am the rain had stopped, clouds were being pushed away by the blue sky. I am walking alone and taking the word time with me and its true meaning, first i am amazed at the view before me. In the distance is the Sugar Loaf.


The path I walk is stone and moss but turns to a peat bog. I like peat bogs I love the smell too. I stand awhile and feel the wind on my face and hear its song as the wind sings to me.


Time is irrelevant to me it is more important to be in the now, especially when your thoughts are filled with fear and voices endlessly chatting in your head. I empty my mind of all that is there and  survey my surroundings. I am the only soul I can see for miles.


I caught myself as well as the stunning view. I decided not to go down to the canal which is cut into the mountain I stayed on top and did a circular walk.  My path became lush green I take my boots of and walk bare foot.


Time, how many of us live in time past, yet never learn from the past, the past is there to learn from not to live in. Why do we rush to the future instead of living in the here and now. When did you last stand still and feel natures breath and her tears, watch a rainbow disappear, feel joy in a sunrise, striking up a conversation with someone you never met before. Where you both leave the conversation with a smile, not a yellow sticker, a real smile. Continuing my circular, the colours of the foliage of this deep valley where the sun sat  took my breath away.


I see the Trig point it is white like the trig point on the Sugar Loaf. I place my hand on top feel the metal beneath my fingers,touching history and its long distance measurements for map making. It is warm now I have taken off my waterproof coat, eat an banana I watch a sparrow hawk swoop for its food then a bee comes buzzing past, yes a bee I laugh nature is wonderful and timeless.


Blorenge is steeped in history, transport history, railway tracks follow the contours of the Blorenge and a Canal cuts through the mountain it use to pass through a tunnel to Blaenavon Pit, Blaenavon  Pit known as the Big pit is now a museum.


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