Walking Aberdare Mountain Saturday September 6th

Walking with Grwp Cerdded (Caradog walking group) Only me and Jamie today. We left the car park at Parc Cwm Dar at 11 30 am. The sky became overcast this was good because we had a steep climb ahead of us. The route we took was the Tarren Y Bwllfa the path was rugged, surrounding views were stunning, climbing high on to the upland plateau, the sun came out and greeted us. Making our way across moorland and bog land we came to a river that was boulder bedded, entwined with green algae. I could not resist off came my boots and socks, my feet soaked in the cool water, it was very was refreshing.


I noticed an old bridge passing time over the river DarePhoto0826

We sat for a while then made our way to the  reservoir when it began to rain. Large plops of rain the rain drops fell straight not diagonally, created perfect circles. We were mesmerized by this yet we never got wet.


A light seemed to reflect on the reservoir i was fascinated by this. Clouds shadow casting on natures tears.




Making our way back the views were stunning.


Silent, serene, landscape, it was so peaceful to the eye, ears and soul.



Nature shedding its summer garments to reveal colours of autumn.


Down a steep path back to where we started and a well deserved cuppa and food.

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