Poem Sun to Mother earth.



Silent sun rise, my bare feet soak in the morning dew.

I think on Syria, Gaza, Scotia.

I hear the hunting sound of the Curlew in the distance

sky larks scatter.

The sun warms my back and cast the shadow of my favorite tree before me


The beautiful aroma of blackberries in abundance calms my mind.

I follow the cascading stream that leads


to the river, brown, toffee colour back, snaking its way through the valley.


Dippers flit here and there.

I think on the essential commodities,

Syria Gas, Gaza water, Scotia oil.

I breathed in mother earth, felt her pain sore through my veins.

I asked the wind why, why is the world breaking its own heart


I recited this poem from memory at the Imp in Merthyr last night.


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