Healing garden Penarth.

Photo0670 We all have an healing place, a place where we shed pain. A place that you go back to, when you want to reflect. In 1987 I lost the world in me and Penarth became my healing garden and where i learned to grow again.

Photo0672 The pebble beach at Penarth is not the best, yet the sound of Mor Hafen soothed my soul. There is a small park on top of Penarth Head, not many people know about it. This park was where i lost the world in me.


This is the view from the park, in the distance Lavenock point, Penarth Pier, Flat Holm.               This stunning view terrified me  back in the winter of 1987. When you lose the world in you, you fear everything. It took me a year to get back to me and the journey was the best teacher i ever had. When you take full responsibility for you self and take back control of your life, you never want to go back to the dark recess of your mind.


 Remember we all make mistakes, mistakes are our best teachers. Life is full of choices, what you chose to do today could be life changing, so think carefully when you chose.


Feel good in your own skin, live your life, do not throw it away on other people fears and what they perceive you to be. Be true to yourself and trust your inner instincts

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