Sea of humanity, making waves of peace. Saturday 9th August London

Left my house at 6 30 am to catch the 6 45 am train to Cardiff. At Energlyn train station my friend Myella Eastland got on, she is a wonderful humanitarian campaigner.I knew Myella’s husband Stuart Eastland, Stuart and i belonged Amnesty International Pontypridd group. Stuart died a few years ago now, he was one of many people that touched my life and i will always remember him.

We arrived at Cardiff 7 24 am. the sky was summer blue the sun warmed our bodies as we walked towards Cardiff Museum, along the way we met Kate and Ann who were both Muslim converts. There were a few waiting on the steps of the museum, the humanitarian warrior Adam Johannes was one of them. More arrived with banners and posters too. i noticed at the top of the museum steps, people behind the whiter than white pillars, there were four people sleeping rough outside this magnificent building of knowledge. It seemed odd to me. AWC were travelling from Cardiff and were going on a march to London for Gaza, when we have our own problems in Britain. The one man stared at me i looked at him and smiled, he  blankly stared back  his eyes said i have no hope. This image is still with me now as i write my blog.

The coach arrived we all got on i sat by my poet friend Zaru Johnson a fine young poet. I met Zaru over a year ago at the BOTPPC. He is a regular at the event that i created and host Rhyme and Real Ale.

The last time i went on a march to London was in 1981.

” Peoples March for Jobs”

I was twenty years of age and it was a great experience that i will never forget.

We arrived in London just after midday we were greeted by the heavily polluted streets and stench of summer drains. We joined the sea of humanity and we made waves of peace for Gaza


It was a wonderful feeling ” Free free Palestine ” we shouted in unison

Among the sea of humanity there were three sister they were very entertaining. They chanting ” what do we want” “freedom for Palestine”  we all shouted “When do we want it” “we want it now” we shouted back


We snaked our way towards the BBC Studios i refused to take photos of this biased teller of untruths building. We ranted “Shame on you BBC shame on you” We meant it too.

we carried on our march there were plenty of buckets along the way collected money for medical and emergency aid in Gaza .


Making our way towards the American Embassy, we passed an hotel and hanging out the window were two people waving a Palestinian flag. It was amazing site we all clapped our hands in unity.


On we followed towards the American Embassy, we all hissed and booed at this building where there was no compassion, empathy, or sympathy. But our British police patrolling with guns. I did not take photos of this building where people go round with their hands clasped to their ears and only listen to what they want to hear.

On we marched towards Hyde Park and our destination. There were no public convenience at Hyde Park a policeman told me to go to Macdonald’s i have never been in a Macdonald’s before, yes the queue was a mile long no i did not stay.

(and it will be a long time before i visit one again )

 I called in Costa Coffee their convenience was inconveniently closed. i had to get back to Hyde Park which was a mile away i needed to eat because i had not eaten since 6 am but  most of all i needed a loo. Needs must i had an outdoor wee behind an oak tree and away from preying eyes.


I am biased here Hyde Park is nothing compared to Bute Park and the many parks we have in Wales. Zaru and myself shared a lovely bottle of red wine and ate humous, lettuce and tomato sandwiches and we chatted about life in general.

It was a long walk back to the coach but our spirits were good.

Arrived home at 10 30 pm, it was a long day but it was worth it. I live in comfort, not behind a pillar and have cold marble for my bed. Nor do i live in a land that as been battered, torn apart, raped and murdered. Yes i can sleep at night, can Netanyahu, Obama, Cameron and the BBC??

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