My thoughts and poems on 1st WW


My grandfather Richard Charles Griffin was conscripted in to the war that should have ended all wars. April 1918 he had just turned 18 yes he survived and was married to my grandmother Maggie for 55 years they had 10 children, he worked for Cardiff Council all his life he had an allotment, a quiet man who always dressed smartly, he never mentioned the war that should have ended it all but did not. I recently wrote a letter to

The Unknown Soldier a London based project.


Letter to an unknown soldier

Dear Unknown Soldier,

you were known especially to your

mother, sister, father, brother.

I can not call you a dad

you were taken for your youth

your mind was easy to manipulate.

From those who should have known better

and who did not participate.

So you joined up or

like my granddad conscripted in,

for king and country.

Dare you to question why?

Yours was to do and die.

Sorry your war did not end all wars.

Today peace is still a dirty word.

We have anti this anti that.

Pro peace sounds good,

i think you would have liked that.

Earth has embraced you,

you shine and glow

with every flower seed that grows.

Dedicated to every soldier that died in the 1st WW at least they died not knowing they were betrayed. 


I wrote a poem 3 years ago called,The Poppy is not the Reason Why it was published in the Red Poets Magazine 3 years ago

The Poppy is not the Reason Why

The poppy is not the reason why they died.

They gave their lives for peace.

They who cannot be brought back,

or released to bring peace.

That was up to us, for they died for us,

so that we could have a future.

No, we threw it away with every hand grenade that was thrown,

every bomb we dropped every gun that has been fired.

We were meant to inspired to reflect

and remember.

Planting a tree, building a monument in memory.

This is not the reason why they died, it is just another lie.

While they who are supposed to know why DECIDE!!

Who entice, manipulate and take from deprived council estates.

To far away lands,

where we wear the watch, they have the time.

Where you are sent to fight in their back yard

the dry arid terrain with the mountainous view.

For all the green is gone,

the only colour is the flower.

The one you wear on your lapel jacket ,

dress or blouse.

This flower is turned into a drug to give the weak power

To take rights away from women and children.

Lets not talk back to the past to the war that should have ended it all.

When we stand in silence remember today

WHERE there is no PEACE!!

I dedicate my poem to Gaza. 

I am against war, any war i am pro peace, a humanist i do not see colour, or religion. i see people, persons, individuals. Why can’t we not sit round a table and talk about peace in stead of masters of wars who talk of killing machines. First World War did not end all wars it was a lie a terrible lie.


I wrote a poem Table of Humanity  

I gave this poem to Amnesty International to Palestinian doctor and author Izzeldin Abuelaish. Labour leader Ed Millaband.

Table of Humanity 

Welcome to the table of humanity

give food for thought, to nourish the

unrested mind to peace.

Come join the table for refreshments

we have dialogue,

dished out in kindness and mercy.

Eat humble pie to communicate

with others you hate.

Sit down at the table where air space is free,

where none have the monopoly.

Discuss, meet with the enemy, you are his too.

Take a chair lets talk, break down

barriers of religion, colour and creed.

Gather not dish out just deserts,

let you opinions be heard.

Most of all listen with an open heart and mind.

For it is everyone’s world not yours or mine.

We are one nation called the human race.



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