Poetry event Rhyme and Real Ale.


Back in July 2013 i was approached by the landlord of the Andrew Buchan who asked me would i host a poetry event. I said yes not thinking, i live 20 mile away and i have never hosted a poetry event before. The following month Rhyme and Real Ale came into being, with my friend Sheila Hart and four others. I had not advertised on FB or Twitter and had not approached Literature Wales either, i had just gone ahead blindly. When i did advertise on FB, Twitter and Literature Wales, RARA just grew and grew. In the February of 2014 we were too big for the Andrew Buchan, we had to leave. I found the Mackintosh Sports club, a bigger venue. We meet on the 2nd Monday of the month 7 pm till 10 pm. I want RARA to be as equal as possible, with no elitism and where we are all breathing from the same breath.We do have writers who sometimes  launch their work and this is good. RARA will be launching their anthology on the 11th August to celebrate RARA being a year old. i created RARA and host the venue too but it is not mine it is ours, we are all one. My friend Will Ford has hosted for us when i could not make it. Dave Daggers has given the loan of his PA system, Dave also a photographer takes photos so RARA will remain in archive history. Bel Blue as set the PA system up when Dave can not make it.I went round with a bucket and we collected enough money to buy our own PA system. We share our PA system with Christina Thatcher and Roath Writers and this is good. Nick Lovell my poet friend from botppc, who travels all the way from Swindon has producing our anthology, Bex Marriott is a wonderful artist she as given her work for the front cover of the anthology, Will Ford with help of Dave Daggers as given work for the back cover. We have many writer’s who read out and this is good but it is the first timers who have never performed that touches all of us at RARA. The spoken word is free for all. This is where RARA  comes in to being, because it is friendly, relaxing event and this encourages budding poets to write and perform. Along side others who have been writing and performing a long time. RARA would never be here if it was not for the many who come to read and those who listen. I am humbled by RARA success. I have decided to share the host with my friends, Will Ford, Sheila Heart, Nick Lovell and myself. Sheila hosted in December she is such a sexy host, she had us all eating from the palm of her hand. January we will see Nick Lovell hosting. Nick is also producing RARA 2nd anthology, amazing and yes i am still humbled by it all.


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