Wales March for Gaza Saturday July 26th. My thoughts and photos.



It was a beautiful day sun was high in the sky and radiated heat, i caught the 11: 20 am train from where i live to Cardiff. Called at Waterstones book shop and Troutmark book shop, Castle Arcade, bought for books. Made my way to the museum where i had a lovely pot of tea and enjoyed the coolness of this magnificent building.Making my way outside to the uninviting heat, not banner or a person insight, only three of my friends in the distance. Jamie, Andrew and Alec. Four of us went for a drink. Then made our own way to Cardiff Civic Center. It was an amazing site, masses of people, banners held high, flags raised by adults and children.


Humanitarian warrior  Adam Johannes spoke, there should be more people like Adam in the world. A sea of people floated out on to the streets of my old town Cardiff. I was so proud to be with these people the road from Kingsway to Castle Street was bare, a thank you to the people from CCC for guiding us along our peaceful march.


I am looking back and i was overwhelmed. We chanted “Free free Palestine” “from the land to the sea Palestine will be free”. Making and snaking our way down St Mary Street coming towards The Walk About bar

( i am glad to say i have never been to this bar and what i witnessed convinced me not to go into this bar that serves racist ).

There waiting for us were ignorant, white, drunken men, shouting abuse and antagonising the situation, i shouted above the abuse. ” ignore them move on”. I moved on, but i will never forget what i saw. No, there were no police, shame on Cardiff Police.

This shook me up because there were women and children, babies in prams and pushchairs  and these drunks did not care one bit. This was a peaceful march, we were marching for freedom and peace for a repressed, depressed, abused country, called Palestine and these thugs broke my heart i was ashamed. You can never reason with a racist they lack intelligence and compassion. Going up Mill lane we sang “Free, free Palestine”. A pint of beer was thrown at me the glass broke in front of me i turned and glared at a white, bald, overweight, tattooed drunken man. Who said “it was not meant for you but her next to you” i called him ” a racist bastard”. I was so angry because i saw a woman next to me, a woman, not a thing, a human being who was no different to me, a woman on a peaceful march just like me. What took place beggared belief, chairs thrown, glasses thrown, tables thrown. Wales March for Gaza was a peaceful march, these men and may i add woman too should feel a great sense of shame. They ought to broaden their minds not their bellies, knowledge is good, racism is a disease of an ignorant mind that lacks intelligence and compassion. We continued to march when i noticed three young Palestinian girls behind were carrying colourful  bracelets in plastic boxes. They were selling them for children from Syria this act of charity touched me, their country was war torn and they were thinking of others. Other Monies was being collected in buckets from Ray and Wendy Davies and the Red Choir and many other collections were taking place too. We arrived at where we started where  guest speakers enlightened us. I sat on the edge of the beautiful fountain dangled my feet in the cool water next to a black boy  and Palestinian children and adults it was a wonderful moment. Despite the two incidents the afternoon went well. I bought my friends ice lollies sat on the grass and listened to the many accents and different langues that surrounded me. This day will always stay with me. Added information regarding my feelings.

I was a child in the 60’s brought up on news of Mosha Dyan, Golda Meir, Begin. Later in life I read books by  Martin Gilbert, Simon Wiesentihal, Sandi Tolan, Amos Oz, Raja Shehadeh, Rachel Shabi. Been a member of Amnesty for years. I became a Councillor for the Labour party thinking i could make a difference politically, i was wrong, i stood alone on Iraq and resigned over the invasion into Iraq, another depressed, repressed, abused Country. I do not listen to the BBC at all and racist i will not give a second thought. Afghanistan another Country on its knees. Read David Loyn’s  book ” Butcher and Bolt ” this book should be in every school in Britain along with Rory Stewart “The Places in Between”  Britain history goes before us ,we are good at leaving our mark of Rule and Divide Ireland, India, Africa, Middle East. The scars are still visible today and the pain remains.

This banner touched me the message is so true and what the march represented.


The next photo reminded me, where was humanity where is peace, is peace such an awful thing.


We are reminded of The 1st WW, The war that should of ended it all no war is good.

My poem The Poppy is not the Reason Why.POPPY IS NOT THE REASON WHY This was published in The Red Poet anthology 2012.

6 thoughts on “Wales March for Gaza Saturday July 26th. My thoughts and photos.”

  1. Leaving aside the issue of Gaza, what did you hope to achieve?
    Do you think a few thousand well meaning folk in Cardiff will make any impact on Israel or hamas. They are both intent on wiping each other out, from what I have seen of “religious nutters” in many parts, they aim to wipe out people who disagree with them and to hell with everyone else.
    Did the demo save one arab or one jew, did it provide aid or comfort to anyone? It’s only result I feel was to salve the feelings of Cardiff’s “caring” folk.
    Can I suggest this land of ours has problems, many and deep rooted, could not we try to sort ourselves out before looking further afield? As you said we don’t have a very good record when we interfere.

    1. Thank you J E Thomas for your comments but why are you questioning me? 26th July was about Gaza nothing else. Yes i do think we made an impact small maybe you have shown an interest.You rant about religions nutters and the demo saving not one Arab or Jew or provide aid or comfort, do you think marching is not good ? i disagree.with you i am of no religion yet what a united Ireland. you question me tartly regarding Britain’s history, Britain’s history is not good do agree J E Thomas? When you say land do you mean Wales or Britain? i am anti war i am pro peace. Religion should not be taught in schools it should be left at home philosophy should be taught instead. i had a catholic upbringing and schooling so i have experience My blog is about my thoughts poems and photos, i hope my blog as not offended you?

    2. There was a collection for medical aid for the children of Gaza which may have raised a few thousand pounds, so yes the march may well have saved some lives, I would certainly hope so. Just out of interst did you do anything constructive on Saturday afternoon? I think the 3000 or so who attended did.

    3. J E Thomas, you were not their with your care. There were collections for Syria, for Gaza and medical aid. Our history goes before us Rule and Divide was our crime. I am willing to debate with you, but not on my blog you have my email address.

  2. Respect to all who took part on the peaceful march. Shame on the racist by standers who hurled glasses and chairs. Peace!!!

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