Releasing past mistakes, Sunday 20th July Taf Trail.


Walked part of the Taf Trail on Sunday 20th July,taking four balloons with me, inside each balloon is a written message, written by me. As i walk with my four balloons two white two green. People look at me bewildered, i carried on over the bridge i stopped released one of my balloons and i watched it float. I then looked across towards Castle Coch and found this beautiful reflection before me.  


On to the path that used to me they old Tram and Canal route, from Merthyr to Cardiff. It is now full of colourful runners, cyclist and me with three balloons. Yes i am still getting funny looks but i carry on with my mission to release my balloons that are full of my pain that i have burdened for 4 weeks. 

This was my next stop


Small flies are out and i am being bitten, i tie a balloon to a branch where i use to sit. Two balloons left i feel a sense of peace. A Jay flashes past i smell where the fox’s were and i release another here.


A tear falls, i let go, then i sigh and walk further with one balloon in my hand between my finger and my thumb, still i receive puzzled looks from people.  


To my final destination.


I let go of my final balloon witness it float away taking my pain with it. Some people you think you know and when you find out they are not what they seem, betrayal stings the back of my throat. I will never walk this part of the Taf Trail again to many painful memories. 




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