Writing Group and my Poem


Walking out this morning i reflected on the events of last week. I was a member and a Co Chair of a writing group. I came in to this writing group with my eyes closed, my heart open, displaying my natural enthusiasm. I came to literature late in life, because of a lack of confidence. I did not talk till i was 4 years of age when i did talk i had a stammer. However my reading ability amazed my teachers because my reading ability was far advanced beyond my age. Yet I could not spell, being left handed in the 1960’s my writing was not good either. My reading kept me from going into a remedial class and i stayed in main stream. I struggled terribly, teachers humiliated me i day dreamed a lot and mitched off school, i wanted to be anywhere other than that classroom. It was not till my forties when i sat three A’ Levels that they discovered i was dyslexic, i thought i was stupid.( I passed the three A’Levels too) Yet i devour books and i still do. I am a poet, a published, performance poet. Poems published in magazines and anthologies.Self published my booklet Photo0310I created and host poetry event in Cardiff, called Rhyme and Real Ale. I have also written a novel “Forbidden Love” waiting to hear from publishers. The writing group that i was a member of, was not inviting they showed elitism . Some members used critiquing   as a form of intimidation i often would read poetry and they would remain silent, this was awful, they took me back to the classroom of my youth this broke my heart. Though i am a surviver and i found the courage to leave.  Please do not mistake, kindness and compassion for stupidity some of us have experienced a lot in life and  know what is like to suffer, growing up in poverty and living with low self esteem. These are the reason why i feel and express so much kindness and compassion,and why i and two of my friends will be setting up our own writing group to  encourage others to read and write.

 Little room big hate

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