Walking home from work Friday 11th July.


Walking home from work yesterday near Hengoed, nature gave me this tranquil view. I sat and pondered for a while on health in today’s society. Are we living in a society of quick fixes. Where what you look like matters more,designer sportswear that do not do sport, fake tan and whitening your teeth is not glowing health. The NHS is not there to make you well, you must do that. The NHS is there for when you are unwell. Type 2 diabetes 5 people living in my street have type 2 diabetes. Are people really aware of how dangerous type 2 is. By eating regularly and taking up exercise, leaving the car home sometimes can help you to stay well. Why do people when they have a cold, go to the doctors to spread their germs, deal with it yourself self medicate. If people took more control of their own health you would hear your body talk.

Tuesday to Friday I walk on pavements to my place of work. The looks i receive from driver’s in general is one of astonishment and double take, i walk on some pavements that are full of moss and overgrown brambles, cars parked, bins left out, it is like a minefield. Friday July 11th i waited at a junction where there was no right turn i crossed the junction knowing the female driver could not turn left because of cars coming her way she drove her car in to my right knee i fell on the front of her car where she abused me. I was so angry by this ignorant woman i shouted the loudest. The image  above which i captured was no longer in my minds eye only the woman driver’s impatience remained.Stress is a killer it steals common sense it wipes away care and compassion. Some drivers want to be early in the next world rather than late in this world. i think we should smile, talk to each other and laugh more. After all it is the simple things that make you healthy and happy. I want to leave you this image and words reflection is good for the soul.


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