Sunday 6th July walking from Penarth to Lavenock Point

 Left at 8 : 30 am sky was full of clouds waiting to burst, making my way down the cully at the top of Marine Parade, to people from Penarth Millionaires Row.


  On to the promenade. I captured this stunning view. My mothers family are from Penarth and i spent many a happy hour there as a child. I lived in Penarth before i moved up to the Valleys. I stayed and sat a while and breathed in Mor Hafron ( Severn Estuary ) 



   On to the cliff top, beautiful green tunnel, leads to Lavenock Point, and the midges were out and yes i was breakfast, there were so many i had to turn around and retrace my steps.                                                                                                                                       


Then the sky burst its tears and i was soaked but the scent of the earth after it has been raining lifts my spirits. 


The walk was three mile, a short one for me but the scenery makes up for it



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