Gambling Adverts Should be Banned.

This poster was advertised in betting shops to encourage society that its normal and fun to throw money away the same with TV gambling adverts dressed up to look normal. Showing nice young men having a flutter when sometime it can lead to living in the gutter. My upbringing was far from normal I am a daughter of a gambler I witness first hand what gambling did to my father. Gambling created poverty in my home and destroyed lives not just the gambler the children too. I wanted books my father chose the bookie from corner of my mind I saw my father base like in his addiction, He died before his time he left me with low self esteem and inferiority. I rose from the upbringing that I had and I bettered myself but it took me years. I do not want others to wait years for a better life. I myself have never gambled I saw what gambling did to my father. I have written a book on this subject hoping to have this book published this year.

Shame on you who show in adverts and posters that gambling is fun. People who are addicted to gambling and families who are living in poverty, it is not fun for them it is a massive PROBLEM!!! PS You never see a poor unhappy bookie.


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