The word gift and its meaning



Out walking i captured this beautiful green vision a gift from nature. Today the art of gift giving is gone, when i was younger gifts were given at Christmas and birthdays. Today, supermarkets are designed for the mam or dad to be manipulated when taking children groceries shopping, through massive displays of goods that entice the young to nag their mams and dads.     For they know the price but not value. Clothes are a fashion item, when it should be a necessity, one coat will do, shoes two pairs is enough. Not many children walk to school today or anywhere to warrant wear and tear. A gift in knowledge of showing and telling the young, that the price is not everything but it is the value that counts to appreciate what we have, which can be hard in the throw away society of today. The gift of conversation is disappearing, a stroke of a phone, texting, wearing earphones that are so big they shut out all sound and scream leave me alone but hey don’t i look cool. When i walk to work i see others wearing small earphone mostly white in colour, their latest walking gear which are designed to say look at me, yet when i say morning,from there unsmiling faces they ignore eye contact with me. Yet i am grinning in my happiness of being me and glowing with health, no i do not wear or own earphones. I want to hear the wind, birds singing, children laughter when i walk past schools, i like greeting people too. The gift of time i call meeting with friends sharing food or a drink face to face, laughing, talking, enjoying the company. I also write letters to family and friends posting them in a letter box not an inbox. The gift of compassion to care is rare, empathy is not on the agenda. In the nursing professions its your degree in nursing that matters not whats in your heart and a  mind of common sense. The word gift means giving without payment, this moment is a gift unwrap, relax and enjoy.


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