Saturday 21st June walking the other part of the Pontypridd Circular with Grwp Cerdded Caradog.


We met at Hopkins Town edge of the Rhondda, Wayne, Andrew,

myself (Julie) and Jamie. Jamie Bevan led the walk.

We left at 10 : 45 pm in the blistering heat up a steep hill through an housing estate.

Where we met Gwilym a local who was very informative and who put us on the right track.

I by now was willing to turn around and go home,

reason being i suffer with prickly heat and insects

love to eat me. I am glad i stayed.

We walked on the edge of a disused quarry.


 A beautiful cathedral of nature entwined in the colour’s of time.

Coed y Lan Wood, where the shade from the trees was a blessing we stopped and drank fluids. Fluids are important when walking in heat, it also prevents blisters, but never drink very cold fluids this can cause stomach ache.


The boys in the distance me lagging behind.

We stopped and looked back to where we have been the view was stunning.


On top of Coed pen Maen Common we could see Mynydd Eglwsilian looking majestic.Then the insects came out for lunch and i was the main meal. I got out my Mosi guard natural insect repellent, it is a roll on and it works too. Yet when i go abroad i do not suffer with anything like this, strange.

We see the Bristol channel in the distance with Flat Holm sat in the middle, no photo too much sea mist.

 Making our way down, knees screaming but the lovely meadow distracted us from the pain


Walking towards Glyn Taf and the River Taf


  serene, snaking its way to Cardiff.

We called in at Treforest for a cuppa yes a cuppa and the train ride to Trehalfod. It was a long walk but we are fit and we enjoyed all of it.

Diolch to Jamie


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