Saturday 14th June 10:15 am, Gwent Wetlands.


I am a member of the RSPB and for a while i have wanted to walk the Gwent Wetland area so i did. At  10: 15 am i parked the car walked into the Wetland reserve where i met Keith who works in the area. He told me what path to take what a nice man very informative i like that. the path was flat, open country, to your right was not kind to the eye. 


Energy industry is never beautiful but needs must. Please lets not have Fracking,  interfering  with our Planets structure is not good. The sound of the many birds which habitat here, be it  sea or land birds was a wonder you need to go yourself to appreciate it. The day was starting to heat up, this was not good for me. I am too Celt i suffer with prickly heat and i burn too. At the height of summer i do not venture out between midday 4 pm. There were lots of butterflies and bees plus other insects. 





See the insect clinging to a blade of grass. 





Beautiful blue Damsel flies courting on a blade of grass.Tried to capture the Dragonfly no chance he lead me a merry dance.   

Before me Sea Cabbage swaying and Mor Hafon ( Severn Estuary ) reaching out


I was captivated by this view, i stayed awhile let the image mirror my thoughts. 


On i walked the coastal path that outlined the Gwent Wetland, there are many paths you can walk or stroll. The Sculpture trail 1.5 miles, ( 2.6 km ) the Woodland and Estuary trail two miles, the Wetland experience 4 miles ( 3 km )  this combines the two and more.The path I liked was the Dog walkers path, i walked about 6 miles ( 10 km )


Now this is what i call a path, this led me back to where i started.





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