Ynys Barri Sunday 8th June



I spent many a happy time as child on this side of Whitmore bay,Barry Island, winkle picking with my siblings in and out of bathers from morning to evening. My mother sunbathing in her homemade amber solar (coconut oil and vinegar ) Today low cloud over Mor Hafon  ( Severn Estuary ).

As i walked towards the point of land i noticed sage green, on steel sea and rough rocks jutting out.


The wind was bracing eyes watering, i met  two German students and they asked me about the small islands out in the estuary. Flat Holm is in Wales, Steep Holm  in England. Breen Down is in Somerset, Sully Island comes under Penarth. I then thought, the earth is a spinning orb it belongs to us all. The world is not a colour or class it is a ball of energy that ebbs and flows. Where most of it is not living in peace. Then my butterfly mind thinks on peace, why do we have anti war? anti government ? why not pro peace ? i would join that group. Yes we are coming up to the 1st WW anniversary, this War was meant to end all wars it did not.

I looked towards Devon and see rain clouds excluding Exmoor, had many a good walk on Exmoor.


Made my way on to Whitmore Bay, i see the rock formation of millions of years scarred in to the rock, the colour was very kind to the eye.


Onto the beach i am wearing my walking sandals my feet sank in to the sand, sand is just rock and water from millions years gone by, i tread carefully on my past. I hear children’s laughter on the breeze the sun came out and this is what i caught.


Spectacular sky, Nordic sand, white horses edging the Estuary. I sat and people watched for a while when a lovely gentleman named Steve sat by me and we chatted about walks and our travels. We laughed and discussed the art of conversation, how people communicate today, a push of a button, a stroke of a phone. It is good to talk, face to face talk, not FB messaging.     We shook hands and said our goodbys, yet Steve stayed with me all day.


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