walking up Twmbarlwm on Saturday 7th June


Woken early by an amazing thunder-storm, sheet lightening too it was spectacular i like a good electric storm. The walk started at 10 am Cwm Carn car park, next to the visitor center and cafe. I walked the right side of the Visitor center, followed a brook which was in full flow and sang a lovely song for me, its banks was covered in buttercups. Past the fishing lake which was empty of people because it was raining.


I saw the wooden sign for Twmbarlwm


Followed the path to the right, the path was not good it was muddy and stony.


Yes i fell, not hurt but a muddy backside, off came my waterproof jacket and fleece. It is a steep climb and the path takes your breath, the views entice you further. Came across some cyclists who have their own paths i like this, they bid me a good morning.  Cwm Carn Forest Drive ( yes you can drive up too) takes you through 7 miles of mixed woodland and breathtaking views, to find out more telephone 03000680300.

I now reach the bottom of my steep walk which leads to Twmbarlwm. Where i met another walker Richie who was 73 years of age and looked fit and very healthy we talked about our walking travels. He was not walking up Twmbarlwm,  Richie had walked from Risca to Cwm Carn and would be walking back on the Brecon canal walk, what a gentleman. Twmbarlwm is 419m for those of you who still do feet and inches like me 1,375 ft.

I zig zagged my way up then stopped saw a sparrow hark swoop for its catch, i noticed lots of sky larks rising up then flutter their wings and sing to me at the same time. I looked back this was the view. See the floating mist above the tree line, i was on a high a healthy mystical high.


Up the top to the trig point i stop and place my hand on top of the trig point.


To my right Mor Hafen ( Bristol Channel ) lay before me under low cloud  at its edge Newport, my old town Cardiff, Penarth Head, round the corner Barry, across the way Bristol hidden in mist or rain.


I walked the wet sodden path, my shins covered in mud but i am happy. I see the fort in the distance. Iron age fort was built by The Silures, Celtic Tribe.


The stone path is new i am not keen on it, it looks out-of-place giving a modern, mosaic appearance. Turn round and trace my steps. Took a photo of Mynydd Machan with Mynydd Caerphilly to the right.


You had to be there to appreciate the view, the wind, sky casting shadows and making shapes on the lush green open moorland. Making my way down i saw many views in between trees and their branches.


Natures painting of reality it touched my soul.


The sun came out and warmed my bones it was cold on top. Making my way down on a tranquil path this is what i call beautiful.



Rain drops on reflection, people who look and read my blog should know by now i really love reflections.


From where i started the walk, the lake from another angle.









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