To deliver a letter to a friend


Walking to deliver a letter to friend, i think on how many people walk to give someone a message by hand. I do not mean keyboard or mobile phone, i mean walk to their house. This afternoon I walked a 6 mile round trip, through a country lane on to open moorland.


Where i heard a tawny owl in day time, followed by the haunting sound of the curlew. There before me in all its colourful glory a male Redstart. Down on to Cwm Darran trail. 


Cwm Darran Trail use to be part of the Rhymny Valley to Brecon railway line. Today industry as been replaced by leisure, the path was bare except for the dappled shadows. i came across a beautiful reflection and captured it.


I find reflections very calming and tranquil to the soul, this stilled my heart and mind. Above Swifts and Swallows are darting about. I reach my destination but my friends are not at home so i post my letter and make my way back home. I walked up the dam way hoping to hear the Cuckoo. A stream flows downwards as i walked up.                                                                                       Image   

Lush green in between stone and water, the tingling sound deafened me to the birds, sheep and bees. this tree lined path is a serene wonder looking at the trees one yawned back at me.


Or could be a smile, it made me laugh.Through to my bear foot meadow i noticed some of the cows have had calf’s beautiful white, doe eyed and innocent.


Cows with their young, deep chocolate brown tracks of the farmers tractor. I have walked this meadow for so many years i can walk among the cows undisturbed, but i am on my guard especially when dog walkers are walking  their dogs which are not on  leads. Dogs should be on leads at all times more so around life stock.

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