Monday 26th May Gelligaer Common


Left the house at 8 am not very well. Since i have come back from my pilgrim i have had a wheezing chest and one head cold after another. The farmer has raised the stile so that off road bikes can not access the common.This leads to my barefoot meadow, not walking barefoot today. On to the common where the wild ponies are grazing and i spotted this newly born foal, it made my spirit soar. He stood up for me so i could capture its beauty. 


The sky above looked like a painting i watched clouds cast their shadows. Sky larks sang for me and the swifts and swallows put on an amazing display. I am walking towards Bedlinog, it is a fair walk. You walk on the old Roman road where history was made. i walked past St Gladys Cross and turn around i am not fit this frustrates me. I stop by a brook and rest awhile. 


Water on stone the sound it very relaxing i sat and thought about the European election and why people did not come out and vote. I have always voted and i have never forgotten those who died so i could vote. I think on the far right they unsettle me. Racism is a disease of the ignorant. This world belongs to us all it is not based on colour. I live in an area where European funding as done wonders for my community. 

I walk the road way the grass too sodden for me today. Then i see the world in a puddle. 


The world is a bridge walk across but build no house upon it.

I feel  sadness leave my heart  but my mind is unsettled maybe people should be forced to vote, then does that make me extreme. 


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