Sunday 25th May Hay Festival.


Going to Hay, to listen to Historian Helen Fulton give a talk on Medieval Wales and the Troy Stories “Ystorya Dared”. Left my home at 8:15 am it was raining but the roads were clear, until Hay where the main festival car park was closed due to the rain. We were diverted to the Macmillan car park, which was huge  when i return i hope i will find my car. i noticed Dylan Thomas’s travelling Boat House. It was very authentic i have been to the real Boat house at Laugharn. This project was run by Eleri Retallick Principal Arts Officer of Dylan Thomas boathouse and tea rooms FB.


Eleri was very informative. On to the Good energy stage to hear Helen Fulton. Because of the weather everything was running late this was okay you be surprised who you meet at Hay, this morning i saw Jeremy Paxman. Helen Fulton was excellent she also spoke Middle Welsh this was rare, not many people speak middle Welsh today. She introduced the Yr Ynad Coch a masterpiece of poetry. I did not want the talk to end it was that good. Hay was full of wellies, wet gear, people roaming around aimlessly and the smell of dampness. I made my way to the car park yes i lost the car, strange how all cars morph in one when they are parked in a massive field, so glad i wore my walking boots and shorts. Shins splattered in mud, nose running plus eyes too i managed to find the car. On to my next Festival The Global Village, Cyfartha Park Merthyr.

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