Saturday 17th May walking the Pontypridd Circular.


The Pontypridd Circular gives a view of the town of Pontypridd from many different angles, also walks through ancient woods and open moorland. I am a member of the Grwp Cerrdded Caradog walking group.I Jamie and Andrew were walking the Pontypridd Circular. We met 10:15am at Treforrest Train Station, the station has very clean loos this is good.The weather was wonderful, blanket blue sky and was very warm too warm for walking up hills. However, when you encounter bluebell woods dappled in sunlight it encourages you on wards. The views from the top of Maesycoed were spectacular. We were now above the tree line, we sat  had a drink and some food. I have the back pack that i took to walk part of the Camino with me, with my Camino shell attached. I boast to the boys about my shell. Jamie says “my grandparent had a shell like that they used as an ashtray” The three of us laughed at this because we all remember those ashtrays. We are making our way towards Barry sidings and the country park, we can see the old colliery in the distance. We walked and talked that we went past our turnoff and walked further than what we intended to do. We were now on the edge of Trehafod the Rhondda. We decided to walk down and through the forest of conifers, light and shade kept us company and the coolness of the forest was most welcoming. We could see The Rhondda River twinkled its way to the River Taff. We were now at Barry sidings and walked through the country park which had many water falls, the sound of the cascading streams was delightful. On to a cycle track where we came across two boys, the one boy had just come off his bike and had cut his knee which was bleeding i stopped and helped by giving the boy an antiseptic wipe and a plaster i heard Andrew and Jamie say ” god she like Mary Poppins she has everything in that back pack” the one young lad noticed my Camino shell and said “my nana got ashtray like yours” I looked to my two walking companions who were grinning like two Cheshire cats. We now came off the Pontypridd Circular and made our way to the town of Pontypridd. We could hear materialism in the distance then the smell of car fumes  tinkled our noses well mine really. We found a cafe where we sat outside watching the world go by drinking tea, tea is very refreshing in hot weather. Rested and watered we made our way to Treforrest train station crossing busy roads and students sat outside their properties enjoying the sunshine and their music.

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