Sea of Humanity


 I have walked many paths in my lifetime but the sea of humanity that i encountered along the Camino will stay deep within.

The sea of humanity,

rolled in waves

of kindness and unity.

It lapped at the shoreline

of my sensitive soul

this in turn made me whole.

4 thoughts on “Sea of Humanity”

  1. I miss you. You were such fun. It would have been a blast to have done the whole Camino with you. I am happy to have met you and to have become friends.

    1. Antonio it is lovely to hear from you. Please have a look at the Shell Blog i mention you. Please FB me or send an email. I hope your Camino is kind in every aspect. Thank you for your lovely compliment. Julie

  2. I don’t use Facebook and am not sure where to find your email on the blog. So far my camino has been wonderful. Alot of meaningful connections with people. Are you able to email me from the email I used to post to your blog?

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