Day 6 walk to Cizu Menor

My Camino shell attached to my back pack, to show that you are a pilgrim.Said by goodbyes and shared best wishes, to my new friends i had plenty of hugs in return.Left the Jesus Y Mary Albergue while my new friends got ready for their next long walk. This is where my Camino ends, i do not want it to end, i want to follow the sea of humanity, but i have commitments back home. I called in the pilgrim cafe for an orange juice, coffee and toast. It was raining as i made my way to Cizu Menor.It was cold and i felt sad. Reached Cizu Menor retraced my steps to the Collage then i asked for directions to Pamplona Train Station. For i will be leaving early in the morning for Barcelona, I want to book accommodation near the station. A bus driver gave me directions either he was wrong or i misunderstood him but it took me two hours walking before i found the train station.I now looked for somewhere to stay. i asked four hotels they were all booked because it was holiday time in Spain. i stood outside a large housing estate i was cold tired and scared, because i was lost and had nowhere to stay. I saw a young Spanish woman and asked her for directions to the old part of Pamplona. She saw i was distressed and i explained why. This woman i had never met before offered to put me up for the night in her apartment. This touched me deeply and i was humbled. I thanked her for the offer but declined. She gave me directions to the old part of Pamplona, i was 10 minutes away from there but when you are alone and lost and do not speak the language you might as well be in the middle of the Gobi desert. This woman was an angel on earth, we hugged and said adios. I remember there was an Albergue called municipal Casa Paderborn, it was situated by the river. I made my way despite being cold my heart was warmed by the Spanish lady’s humanity. There was queue waiting to book in. This was where i met Antonio we got on very well he was a photographer me the penniless poet.The albergue was German owned and run the people who ran this beautiful house were all volunteers. Ursula and Franz were lovely.I shared my room with Antonio from Canada, Ben and Chris from Germany and Julie from Gloucester, England. While i was lost i thought this was for a reason i look upon experiences as a teacher and what can i learn from the experience. When i met Antonio, Ben, Chris and Julie i felt very comfortable and i knew this was why i got lost i was meant to meet these wonderful honest people. I wished i had met them at the beginning of my pilgrim. They invited me out because it was my last night. We had a pilgrim meal at the Cafeteria Palace, where we were waited on by Julio he was amazing character. We had 7 starters and 7 main courses to choose from plus dessert, bread, water and wine all for 9,95e We all had a great time the conversation i will never forget. We all made our way back. Teeth brushed, after much giggling, heads down,then fast asleep. Woke to a lovely breakfast after breakfast Ben from Germany took me outside and asked me to pick a stone which i did, he then asked me why i did part of the Camino and what did i want to get rid off inside of me. I told him what i wanted to get rid off. He turned to me and said “i will place this stone for you at Santiago”. We hugged, i had several hugs that morning.Some people you forget Ben and Antonio i will remember for ever. Made my way to Pamplona Train Station and my 4 hour journey to Barcelona. Where i shared my train ride with a wonderful gentleman named Inaki we talked and discussed many topics and subjects he is a climber of mountains i am a walker of paths. He touched my mind and i liked that. We are now corresponding friends.


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