Zubiri to Pamplona


DAY FIVE 15 MILES FROM ZUBIRI TO PAMPLONA. After a good breakfast, I met with Maurice from Kerry to loan him my book on the Camino, because he had lost his in Roncesvalles. Maurice is walking all the way to Santiago, we arranged to meet up in Pamplona for a drink later that day. I set off on my own weather was damp but warm within half hour i had taken my waterproof coat off. Caught up with Amy from Australia very calm and spiritual person like me as a love of nature we chatted for a while, then i headed off at my pace. Met some Italians along the way they were wonderful company. Followed the River Arga this river goes all the way to Pamplona. It was good to hear water and to see dappled shadows i like that. Stopped at a cafe 5 miles from Pamplona my boots are not good i decide to take them off and put my walking sandals on. I know my boots have had it, but i cannot bring myself to throw them away, so i tied them to my back pack. Will take them home with me and i will plant red geraniums in them to remind me of beautiful Spain. Locals are on bikes enjoying the now warm sunshine, men were sitting on the river banks fishing. Hola i shout or buenos dias. I see the view of Pamplona in the distance among green lush trees but i have a steep climb before i reach the City of Bulls. I walk the rest of the way with Peter from Germany whose daughter shares my name. Peter is very tall and he is walking with two sticks because of a knee operation. We reach a lovely place called Casco Viejo we take photos of the Puente de la Magdalena. Pamplona is not far i walked ahead of Peter. Massive Chestnut trees kept me company, when i saw an elderly man across a busy road wave to me “Pilgrim” he called “si” i say he beckoned me to follow him and he guided me in to Pamplona this really touched my soul. Walked to the main square of the old town of Pamplona. Where i was greeted by a demonstration. It was Labour Day in Spain, a bank holiday that lasts a weekend. They know how to celebrate this socialist holiday unlike back home where most people go to BQ or the nearest garden center. Their colourful banners of their unions held high. This unity touched me because i am old Socialist. Making my way to the old Monastery “Jesus Y Mary” I got lost but found a lovely man from Canada whose name was Gerry, a gentle soul, together we found our way, to the Jesus Y Mary, where there was a long queue waiting to book in. What was wonderful about the queue was that i knew most of the people in the queue. We greeted each other i felt emotional i smiled and wiped a stray tear. The Jesus Y Mary was large and clean and had all the facility’s you need showers, laundry room, kitchen internet, most of all companionship we are comrades on the Camino. Gerry from Canada asked did i have any laundry, this surprised me because i had only just met him he offered this act of kindness that i could not refuse, i bought him a coffee in return. Humanity on the Camino always amazed me. Kelly from Canada had the bunk above me, the Italian couple who i met four days ago had the bunk opposite me. The Italian couple and i could not speak each others language but eyes and hand gestures spoke volumes. Went out that evening with Maurice and Dave from Dublin. We found an Irish bar in Pamplona called O’Connell’s. We walked back to our abode up early tomorrow.


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