camino 3rd day

Image                                                                                                                       DAY 4 Roncesvalles to Zubiri 17 miles. Leaving the Pyrenees behind, and the wonderful Monastery where they played guitar’s and sang to us at 6am it was wonderful. Walking to Zubiri with Talia for company, her mam Miriam was catching us up later. It was raining and i felt stiff also hungry, no food at the Monastery left without breakfast, only herbal tea inside me. This is something i never do back home i always eat breakfast. This part of the Camino was flat, walking through villages met Amy from Australia who was walking with two sticks due to a spinal operation. A wonderful spiritual person met Amy many times along the Camino. Talia and i stopped at a local cafe for coffee and breakfast which tasted lovely. 4 miles in i left Talia with her mam never saw them again but they were great company. My deformed toe on my left foot was hurting, i stopped on a grass verge for drink with My French friends and Maurice from Kerry Ireland. Took off my boots and socks wiped and readjusted my sock and boot

My feet were fine but my boots were not unbeknown to me my waterproof trousers were hanging over my boots and allowing the water to drip on to them despite me using protection when i left Wales. My boots were rotting. Hey they took me to the Donegal and Antrim coast in the August and many other walks since so i had my wear from them. This part of the Camino was not strenuous but it had long winding, twisting, paths mostly gravel. the scenery was lush green the house’s looked like Swiss chalets. The path was a good teacher to me it taught me many things most of all happiness is having a peaceful mind. I walked the last 4 mile with Kerry from Canada and Seamus from Ireland. Kerry was a strong beautiful caring woman who like me was travelling alone. Seamus i met at the Monastery in Roncesvalles.We met some young French men who were impressed by my walking. I am naturally a fast walker despite looking like a Bavarian farmers wife i can walk 3 to 4 miles an hour. I impressed the French men even further by telling them when i was 19 years of age i refused the French rugby captain Jean Pierre Reeve a date. Yes i did and i do not regret it, we laughed at this. Eric the tall Frenchman communicated with me through the translation on his phone this really touched me and the espresso he bought me too. We arrived in Zubiri tired and hungry. Kelly, Seamus and i stopped in a local cafe where we had food together. They left to walk on to Larrossa, i had booked a bedroom en suite at the El Palo de Avellano. Well run and comfortable hotel come hostel, I had a room of my own, which smelt of beeswax the furniture was old and original with wooden floor boards Showered and changed i opened the sky light window and fell asleep. to be woken by church bells yes church bells that rang on the hour and the half hour. Went down for the pilgrim meal. The pilgrim meal is a three course meal, normally soup, main course either chicken, or fish with vegetables followed by a desert, yogurt, cake, or fruit. The company was very good Americans Germans, Irish, Italians and French. I was full and ready for Gelli (Welsh for bed). Once in bed i went out like a light but was woken on the hour by church bells so my idea of booking a room with en suite and having goodnight sleep did not materialise.

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