My Camino Diary


Day three ST JEAN TO RONCESVALLIS 17 MILES  I left St Jean at 8am walked so far with my new French friends. The weather was cold and dry slight wind which was good. We walked up a busy lane, busy with farm traffic and with people. The views were spectacular it reminded me of Wales. I had gone on ahead of my French friends. I wore shorts long sleeve top, fleece and a waterproof jacket. Off came the jacket and fleece top put into my already heavy back pack.The walk was hard, head down and backside up for ten miles sometimes i would look around me and above me this is where i saw many Vultures circling majestically, i have never seen Vultures before i stopped for a while to witness their display. Also meadows of wild orchids dusky pink ladies dotted here and there, just like we have in Wales.I met Miriam and Talia from Holland, mother and daughter who already walked many miles before walking the Camino. We chatted for about 5 miles. We stopped at the top of the Pyrenees sat next to the Virgin Mary statue, where Miriam shared her fruit pie with me. The weather had turned very cold along with rain. I put my fleece and waterproof back on, said goodbye to my Dutch friends and carried on with my journey. Through some woods i met Dave “hola” i said “how yer doing” said the cheeky cockney. Dave Sutherland from London had already walked the Camino three times. What a diamond geezer great company despite being a Millwall fan. We walked together for the last 3 miles down a very steep path, many pilgrims walked the road way, not me and Dave we walked the proper way to the monastery at Roncesvallis. Dave, Maurice, John, Seamus from Ireland and myself shared a good evening together. (Dave left early the following morning. Some people you forget Dave i will remember always). The St Conventus Monastery was very modern and clean. It was attached to a church where i attended mass (after leaving the Irish gang). It was very spiritual. Slept well, was woken by the staff at 6am playing guitar’s and singing Cat Stevens song. “Morning as broken” followed by Everly Brothers “Wake up a little Suzy” it was so funny yet a wonderful wake up call. Left Roncesvallis 7 30am in the rain.

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