Diary of my Camino

                                                                                                Image                 DAY TWO. Left Barcelona at 6 15 am on the metro to Stants Barcelona. for my 4 hour train ride to Pamplona. The metro stank of diesel i do not like using this type of transport. Arrived at the train station which was clean and looked very much like airport departure lounge. Yes they searched your bags you follow taped lanes to your destination. The train was amazing shape like a huge missile, clean plenty of leg room, large windows and air conditioning. I had a window seat and sat next to me was a lovely man from Italy name Lorenzo, he spoke very good English. We covered many subjects. I arrived at Pamplona city of bulls      12 15 pm, to be greeted by cold and drizzle, also a 5 hour wait. I walked to the nearest shop  bought some cheese, apples and bread. Made my way to the park by the bus station. Where i sat next to a Spanish man who was playing the accordion, music while i eat, i threw  1 euro into his cap, he gave me a wonderful toothless smile. Walked to the old town of Pamplona it was like walking back in time i was wrapped in history i went to the Albergue to pick up my Pilgrim passport. Back to the bus station and the serpentine ride to St Jean, sitting next to Shirley from South Africa. The ride i liked but not many on the bus did. I have traveled through Switzerland and the serpentine in Serbia so i had experience. Stant Jean Pied de Port was cold and damp but very quaint and i was lost could not find my accommodation which i booked on the internet. Called Gite Ultiria, human contact is best I spotted two French men and  spoke a little French to them. ” Excussez moi” They were lovely and respectable to me when i said i was from Wales. They found my Gite they kissed me on both cheeks i smiled and waved goodbye. The Gite Ultiria was very old i liked it, it felt good. Bernard the owner greeted me with a load of rules i just stared at him open mouthed. He then showed me to my room on the third floor of this very old house. I thanked him and went into the room,  to my left were two French men sitting on their beds next to my bed laid Aiden from Dublin. The room was big, with black wooden floor boards, that creaked even by just looking at them.” Hello” we all said  i found myself saying. “Sorry i am not happy sharing a room with three men i do not know” They laughed i continued. ” How would you feel if you were the only man with…..” I stopped in mid sentence and laughed they all laughed. I never saw Aiden again, but Jean Pierre and Alon (who walked from Paris) we became very good friends on the Camino. Had a very tasteful meal in the restaurant opposite, i shared my table with two very happy French sisters, Catherine and Aida they reminded me of Edith Piaf they were tiny but so full of energy. I slept well and there was no snoring. 

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