Diary of my Camino walk

I arrived in Barcelona on Sunday  27th April. It was a very busy city. I made my way to La Rambla on public transport. To the hostel Saint Christopher Inn, which was opposite La Rambla. The weather was hot but not to hot, similar to our summer. The trees looked exotic, above the noise of the aggressive traffic i could hear finches. The Saint Christopher Inn was a five story building which is British owned and sleeps 400. The hostel caters for the young and stag and Hen parties, not for people my age. Yet the food was good, wine cheap and they had Sky football. Leaving my belongings at the Inn i explored Barcelona walked through La Rambla lots of stalls and cafes along the way the market was closed due to it being a Sunday. I walked to the beach passing majestic buildings, palm trees, people on skate boards and many male Africans selling sunglasses. The beach was packed, the sea a lovely shade of blue, sand looked real. However, i have seen better beaches in West Wales. Making my way back to the center where there were two glorious fountains surrounded my grass and benches. I noticed an old Arab laying on the grass making jewelry. I sat by him we spoke about Syria having gas, Russia having the monopoly on gas and life in general, he gave me a turquoise bracelet and earrings which he made in front of me. ” This for you and your conversation” he said. I thanked him in Arabic, this surprised him.I am glad to just be passing through Barcelona it is to fast and young for me i am sensitive and too old for Barcelona.

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