Walking Easter Sunday taking the word citizen with me and what is its true meaning

Walked out early to witness the sun rising on Easter Sunday. At present i am of no faith but. However i had a catholic upbringing and all my Schooling was catholic too. I attend a mass now and again i still find a catholic mass very spiritual. It is bitter cold i am wearing my winter walking coat unlike last weekend where i wore my shorts. I noticed a scattering of empty cider and larger cans as i make my way over the stile to my meadow. I know the people who owned the discarded cans from when i ran a youth club. They know me and always speak politely to me.Is it my place as a citizen to tell the boys about their drinking and smoking weed in a public and near a children’s play area, is it my place to tell them how to live and to take their rubbish home.
Is it my place to tell their partners off for trading in their milk tokens for fags and alcohol. Or is this seen as judging and being a snitch.
I carry on my walk and see the cows are back from their winter stay in their cow sheds. The sheep and lambs have been set free and bounce, skip, jump and run all over this beautiful open landscape i cry with joy as i witness their child like freedom.
I walked the road towards St Gladys Cross, the wind is biting at my ears and nose, my eyes are covered by sunglasses because i am nursing a black eye and have heavy cold.
The elements play havoc with the hood of my coat i stop to adjust my hood. There before me are four lambs moving their heads from side to side looking at me in wonderment or puzzlement.
I feel at one my footsteps mirroring my breathing and thoughts, when i hear the ugly sound of an off-road bike tearing towards me, the person riding the off road bike illegally on a B road and is not wearing a helmet. Do i let him pass. I am stubborn i do not let him pass he swears at me and calls me names, he has to walk the bike around me. I being a citizen was i correct in being stubborn or should i have ignored him and let him pass. My belly churns and i feel upset still i walk to my destination. Up ahead a wild Welsh pony stands in the middle of the road just like me obstinate, the car owner is beeping his horn aggressively does the pony care. No of course not he believes it is his right to be where he is in the middle of the road.The sky is heavy laden in greyness yet the sun is trying its best to shed light. My butterfly mind thinks back to Friday at the train station, two girls smoking and swearing under the No Smoking Sign. Should i as a citizen say or make it known that what they are doing is not allowed. Then i think of the black man working for the charity Cancer Research UK. who is being harassed by some youths because his colour is different to theirs. Yes i did step in and tell them off but i then i was abused. I do not see the world as a colour or religion. I look at the world as a citizen of the world, where we are all one. We are the human race we belong to each other. Citizen a person with full rights in a country an inhabitant of a town or City. Sorry i disagree we are all citizens of the world. When or where did we go from Politeness, common courtesy and fairness, to laissez – faire. Is this the fault of society or governments of the day? Making my way back i can smell rain in the air. Dog walker stops and we chat politely. Maybe i should have walked on because this person is a stranger to me. No i see a friendly citizen of the world.

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