Walking and going off on a Tangent

Should have gone with Jamie Bevan and the boys but i have sinus problems. Though i need to train and walk some hills for my walking holiday in the Pyrenees end of April. I leave my house wearing my shorts for the first time this year. I check the blue tit boxs, i have had blue tits nesting on the front of my house for seven years. I walked down from Gellgear common I see Pen Y Fan in the distance and i  blow a kiss to it. Walk up and over  Groes Fan, I see a notification in the car park saying Caerphilly Borough want to charge car owners for staying in the small car park. Are we who live in Caerphilly Borough still paying for the  Iceland cock up. I have allergies to perfumes, deodorants, cleaning product, cigarette smoke, basically i am allergic to the 21c. Then i ponder on body odour when did body odour become a bad thing, why is sweat seen as something terrible and must be avoided at all costs. I refuse to shave under my arms and i do not wear deodorant or perfume but i wash with soap. My butter fly mind flitters to fake tans and sun beds. Skin is natural why would any person  want to colour their skin. Skin needs to breathe and sweat is a normal bodily function. I walk through a copse look down on the River Darran, twinkling away in dappled sunlight. I am walking part of the Cwm Darran Trail i walked paths that miners walked to their daily toil. Up over Deri mountain to my meadow, it is a steep climb but the beautiful views diverts you away from the strain. There is a bench up the top i sit and reflect on woman’s magazines which are all the same and are designed to make you feel ugly. Suddenly i see the Swifs are back from Africa and have come out and given me an amazing display, these birds give me so much pleasure. Buzzard glides past, lambs bleat for their mams. i hug my favorite tree. Then i sing the “Jesus” because it is palm Sunday. I like to let my inner self go, It started when i went skinny dipping in the Irish sea last August, while i on a walking holiday in Donegal. I had come back from a 9 mile walk when i decided to have a swim i put my black bathers on went into the sea alone when a tall, slim, woman appeared naked i quickly said “Hi” then coughed with embarrassment  then i found my self saying “Is this a nudest beach” “I do not know i swim naked every day” replied the woman. Yes off came my bathers and i swam like a dolphin and laughed like a child. Skinny dipping was a wonderful experience everyone should try it. Down the lane and back home with the sunshining, birds singing, the sap rising well for some.


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