Silence/ tawelwch

I walked through meadows thinking on the word silence. Lambs are everywhere, their bleating is comical along with their mams snorts and grunts. The sheep are warning their young against me as i walked paths they walked. I stopped and stared and observed they ran away in fear. I am walking hills this evening, because i will be walking part of the Santiago de Compostela  at the end of this month. The first leg will be the  up and over the Pyrenees. The Camino is a pilgrim walk but i will not be walking as a pilgrim i will be walking as myself and by myself. I walked in complete silence not a sound only my walking jacket making a swishing sound my feet tread on spongy grass. I looked up and rub my eyes because i thought i saw  swallows “NO”  I shout breaking my vow of silence, ” yet it is spring.” I say to myself. Carry on in my quietness my breath in and out like the tide. My calfs hurt but it is good. Up the top i surveyed the view take off my coat and tie it round my waist. Silence how often do we listen to silence, turning your mind off from the constant jabbering of inner thoughts and worries Just being. Body and mind singing the same tune at one in unison. Off round bike frightens me back to reality. I still remain in the moment. Silence is good you should try it sometimes. Walked the lane way back, green paisly buds add colour, along with the yellowing primrose that is sat in its natural habitat not in someones selfish garden.

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