Walking alone taking the word conversation with me.

Walked alone to my favorite place Gelligaer Common with the subject, the art of conversation and is it a dying art. Weather was windy but clear liken to a bare beach in winter time. New born lambs bleating for their mams, gold finches sing their liquid tune. Hawthorn flower peeping out will soon be in bloom. Conversation talk, say, express, share with others. Is it really a conversation if it is a text, FB message or  an email. There is nothing i like better there sitting down with a glass of wine sharing  food and a good conversation. As i walked through my meadow i can see Pen Y Fan it is so clear i could reach out and touch it. Yet it is over 20 odd miles away. Do things always look good from a distance just like scyping, typing your conversation. Not only is talking good face to face so is listening. I can hear a bird of prey way above me and the wild ponies munching away on the corse common grass. pheasent darts out from nowhere which startled me. Sun spreads light and shade it warms my back. It is good to talk, not gossip but a debate a two way thing However, i believe we should listen to our inner voice and what is it telling us. On my way back home i hear children playing football in the distance i like to hear happiness.

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