Taffs Well Craig- Yr -Allt Circular. 5 mile walk, which starts and ends at Taffs Well train station.

Set out at 10 30am from Taffs Well train station. Walked west, head bent hail stones were trying to bite at my ears and nose. Up and over the Taff Trail and in to Forest Fawr, the path was a bit suspect boulder, bedded and slippery. Made my way up then just has i looked up, off round cyclists were charging towards me. The path was used my walker and cyclist. Yes i gave away to about 8 florescent, flashing, well padding cyclist. Up the steep path for 3/4 of a mile. It was worth it, for there was a break in the cloud and Garth came through in all its glory.
weather was mixed but healthy cold. Towards Craig Yr Allt where i slipped, slid, fell twice but hey it was great.
Boots heavy with mud, back pack made a meditative swishing sound, has it embraced my water proof coat, which by now was no longer water proof. looked towards Cardiff and saw a tiny glint of the Severn Estuary enticing rain clouds to play. On i walked towards the bed of the old Barry line Railway now part of the Taff Trail. Closed the gate then saw the sign Private no access. Rights of way spring to my mind but that’s another story. jumped over puddles manoeuvred around horse manure. Taff Trail gone from busy industry to busy with leisure. Back to materialistic sounds and Sunday dinner smells.

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