Wide river view.

Wide river view.

The rain played a tune on the hood of my coat, my coat made a swishing sound back.The birds sang their morning chorus while the bells of Llandaff Catherdral rang in the distance. My boots i dubbed this morning had given up and let the rain in. Still on i walked the bike free Taff Trail. to my right i spied a flash of blue it was the Kingfisher ducking and diving its way, well away from me and my cries of delight a robin kept me company for a mile. As more rain dropped on the Taff, i spotted a cormorant perched on a tree branch spreading its black oily wings. I laughed at the Seagulls taking a free ride on the fast flowing Taff. Then they played chicken at Radyr weir, teasing the weir as they jumped up in time before it sucked them under

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